Who is Kama? EP Release

10.27.13 Who is Kama? Ep release concert…download the ep at http://www.bandcamp.com/kamakazi-me or goto whoiskama.com to download for $7, pay via paypal: onelifesupport.group@gmail.com


Laborers vs. THE HARVEST

Laborers vs. THE HARVEST

Laborers are few but the harvest are plenty…Mathew 9:37
Laborers vs. THE HARVEST

Concert featuring
Kama Kazi
Mahogany Jones
Levitical Priesthood
Only 1-Way
Jermaine Wilson
Path of Revelation: Gabriel Parker, Matt Mitchell

Event opens at 7:45pm
Event starts promptly at 8:00pm
Ends 9:45pm

Advance tickets: $5 paypal: onelifesupport.group@gmail.com

Slightly higher at the door…please bring a can good or item of clothing for the homeless