Running Strong

This is amazing, mark my words they will do a movie on this women’s life.

At the strong age of 95, Ida Keeling set a world record for sprinting 60 meters in 29.86 seconds at a track meet over the weekend. The Brooklyn, New York resident began running at the age of 67 amongst a group of teenagers. When it comes to training, Ida trains on her stationary bike in her apartment, lifts a little weights and trains in the hallway of her apartment. At the age of 69, the 4’6″ and 83 lbs runner ran her first 5K marathon.

Sadly it was the death of her 42 year-old husband back in 1959 that inspired her to get serious about her health. When asked what her beloved husband would say, she replied:

“He’d be very happy. I think he would say, “Gee, maybe I should’ve listened to you all along. [smiles]“

To be honest she need to go somewhere and sit down, lol, but naw I pray I be able to run in her sneakers when I am her age….

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